An overview of harassment of man

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word harassment / sexual abuse/assault that a men beating /abusing /harassing a women. But today we will discuss about the reverse; a women harassing a man .let us first understand this by a simple incident. It has been seen when a men abuses a women the people from all around do comes to help & save the women but when a women abuses a man, none saves the man instead they laugh. In 2019, there was a case when a girl was teasing a man , and when a men filed a case against the women ,the SP instead of filing replied” if a girl is easing you ,why don’t you just be happily teased”. Recently in march 2020, a girl falsely accused a boy named rishi under sexual harrasment ;after which rishi committed suicide .Like many seeta, geeta, sima,many rishi dies regularly due to false allegation &reason is our society and norms. In the case of jasleen kaur ,jasleen kaur alleged a man sarvjeet singh of harrasment. Whole of indian media held sarvjeet guilty before the court gave its verdict but till date jasleen never appeared before the court. Later it was found that jasleen’s allegations were wrong and sarvjeet was set free. Major problem lies in the mindset of society and its people. When a man beats a women ,we say man is very bad but when a women beats man , we still say man has done something wrong. Although man are being harassed even in work place .They do not report or claim because of fear of being mocked by co-workers as they believe that men cant be sexually harrased by women. In legal sec 354, sec 509, sec 376 of Indian Penal code deals with sexual assault-outraging modesty ,eve teasing and rape but sadly they all are for women. There is no provisions for sexual assault related to men.498A of IPC which is also a dowry law contributes to men harassment as women can use this section to send her husband and her husband’s relative behind bars. Once SC said that 498A can be used as legal terrorism

If we see the stats of WB & S , indicates almost 2 in 5 complaints comes from men regarding the sexual assault . Mee too and timesup movement has also encouraged men to come forward and talk about assault . In modern day, very few takes the case of sexual harassment of men seriously. Even some men has faced retaliation for even complaining about harassment.

In developing nations like India, people framed that harassment /abuse/assault can only be done to women by a men .we the people need to understand harassment /abuse/assault is a gender neutral and men can face this issues. We as a responsible citizen need to generalize.

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