The corona virus flare-up, which was first distinguished in China, has tainted individuals in 185 nations. Its spread has left organizations around the globe considering the consequences.


Starting at now i.e, by fifteenth May Covid-19 cases in India has crossed the 80,000-mark today and loss of life due to COVID 19 is more than 2600. Up until this point, there are 51,401 coronavirus dynamic cases in the nation. While 27,919 coronavirus positive patients have been relieved or released, one has been moved, according to subtleties shared by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Upwards of 2649 patients have passed on.

· Lockdown & its phases,prohibitions,&relaxations

On 24 March 2020, the Government of India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered an across the country lockdown for 21 days, restricting movement of the whole 1.3 billion populace of India as a preventive measure against the COVID-19 pandemic in India. It was ordered following a 14-hour voluntary janta curfew on 22 March, trailed by implementation of a progression of guidelines in the nation's COVID-19 influenced locales. The lockdown was set when the quantity of affirmed positive coronavirus cases in India was roughly 500.

As the finish of the principal lockdown period drew closer, state governments and other warning boards of trustees suggested broadening the lockdown. The government of Odisha and Punjab stretched out the state lockdowns to 1 May. Maharashtra, Karnataka, West Bengal and Telangana stuck to this same pattern. On 14 April, Prime pastor Narendra Modi broadened the across the nation lockdown until 3 May, with a restrictive unwinding after 20 April for the areas where the spread had been contained. On 1 May, the Government of India broadened across the country lockdown further by about fourteen days until 17 May. The Government has isolated the whole country into three zones—green, red and orange—with relaxations applied appropriately.

1. prohibition:

The lockdown limits individuals from venturing out of their homes. All vehicle administrations street, air and rail–were suspended, with exemptions for transportation of fundamental merchandise, fire, police and crisis administrations. Instructive foundations, mechanical foundations and cordiality administrations were additionally suspended. Administrations, for example, food shops, banks and ATMs, petroleum siphons, different fundamentals and their assembling are exempted.The Home Ministry expressed that any individual who neglects to follow the limitations can look as long as a year in prison.

2. Relaxation:

From 4 May 2020, the lockdown was facilitated with a few relaxations in all zones per Ministry of Home Affair's rules.

· Impact of lockdown on women

COVID-19 not only poses a threat to women’s livelihoods and increases their burden of work at home but also contributes in increasing violence towards women.It has started effecting the both the physical & mental health of women,their rights, their freedom etc.Lockdown has resulted many NGO’s which basically runs for women care to be inactive which contributed to  700% increase in domestic violence cases and uncountable rape and extortion cases . Stresses on families, particularly those living under quarantines and lockdowns, are increasing the incidence of domestic violence. 67 per cent of the world’s healthcare workers are women, they are naturally more prone to infection. Women are already burdened with three times more unpaid care work than men. During lockdowns the burden increases manifold. As the lockdowns impose stricter control on one’s mobility, they put women in abusive relationships at extremely high risk of damage from physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

If we see this things at a broader aspect,not only women,lockdown has contributed to rise in risk of violence towards the children below 18 years such as child harassment,child exploitation,child abuse etc.The danger to ladies' privileges and opportunities presented by COVID-19 goes a long ways past physical brutality. The deep economic downturn accompanying the pandemic is likely to have a distinctly female face. Women are disproportionately represented in poorly paid jobs without benefits, as domestic workers, casual labourers, street vendors, and in small-scale services like hairdressing.

Ladies in insecure  jobs desperately need essential social assurances, from medical coverage to paid wiped out leave, childcare, salary security and joblessness benefits. Looking forward, measures to invigorate the economy, similar to money moves, credits, advances and bailouts, must be focused at ladies – regardless of whether they are working all day in the conventional economy, as low maintenance or regular specialists in the casual economy, or as business visionaries and entrepreneurs.

· Effect of lockdown on women’s medical health

The lockdown inferable from COVID-19 pandemic appears to weirdly affect the periods. While a few ladies are encountering missed or postponed period, others have experienced a durable period followed by weakening agony. 'Lockdown' has constrained individuals to remain at home and has gotten an exceptional change our way of life. Diets, dozing propensities, and exercise routine have seen a significant change. What's more, these elements are negatively affecting thier clinical wellbeing. Ladies are presently more worried than before the lockdown. What's more, the cortisol hormone (stress hormone) has begun lessening the degree of synthetics liable for the guideline of menstrual cycle. Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown have made a frenzy and dread in individuals. Vulnerabilities about existence is prompting an expansion in feeling of anxiety. What's more, a drawn out presentation to a significant level of cortisol is as of now connected with an anomaly in emission of different hormones including the one answerable for the event of auspicious menstrual cycle.

Moreover, an expanded degree of stress can possibly prompt a imbalance in the discharge of insulin that further builds creation of leptin hormone. This synthetic is known to acquire changes the ovulation and the event of menstrual cycle. That is the reason ladies experience a postponed period, otherwise called oligomenorrhea. Whenever continued, stress can prompt different issues like hair fall, skin break out, and weight reduction. Stress is the offender behind different hormonal changes that can prompt different issues incorporating PCOS in ladies. On the off chance that you are now experiencing this issue, it can get exasperated during the lockdown attributable to the present pandemic.


The COVID-19 pandemic has made it more clear than at any other time that ladies' unpaid residential work is sponsoring both open administrations and private benefits. This work must be remembered for monetary

measurements and dynamic. We will all pick up from working courses of action that perceive individuals' mindful duties, and from comprehensive monetary models that worth work at home. This pandemic isn't just testing worldwide wellbeing frameworks, yet our promise to uniformity and human poise. With ladies' inclinations and rights up front, we can get past this pandemic quicker, and assemble progressively equivalent and flexible networks and social orders that advantage everybody.

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