The Word “Nepotism” is very similar to us. Actually its based on favouritism granted to relatives or a caste in various fields including business ,politics ,entertainment ,sports, religion and other activities .Nepotism has existed from time to time but now question is that how all it started ?Nepotism came from Latin word “Nepos “which means Nephew. During the dynasty era, dynasty policy was followed which means the son of  king of particular kingdom will become next king or eldest son of king will become the next king, but since the middle ages and until late 17th century , some catholic popes and bishops ,who had taken vows of chastity ,and therefore usually had no offspring to their own gave their nephews such positions of reference as were often accorded by fathers to son. Such popes used to keep their nephews or other relatives as cardinalate who can later become pops. Pope Callixtus iii , Head of Borgia family ,made two of his nephew cardinal, among whom one of them is Rodrigo who later became pope named Pope Alexander VI who also appointed his mistress’s brother Farnese as cardinal  who later became pope named pope Paul iii. Now lets understand the concept of Nepotism in terms of Indian mythology. Its believed that basis of nepotism was laid down by none other than queen Kailey, mother of Bharat and 2nd wife of king Dasharatha . Kaikey wanted her son Bharat to be next ruler of Ayodhya after king Dasharatha for which she took a promise from king Dasharatha to send Rama & sita for 14 years vanvas. So due to queen kaikey , norm of dynasty politics broke down for the first time and norm of nepotism was followed.Now lets come to current time not only in Hollywood &  Bollywood, nepotism exist everywhere such as politics, Business, politics, & education too. After the demise of a well known Indian actor Sushant Singh  Rajpoot many people across the globe have started talking about nepotism culture which is growing in Bollywood  but somehow they are crossing their lines too. You need to understand nepotism only works up to a certain level but if you don’t have talent, nepotism won’t work. Hrithik Roshan,Sahid Kapoor,Alia Bhatt,Ranbir Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor,Ram Charan ,koyel mallik are true examples of true talents who are brought to industry by Nepotism. Accoding to survey of indian express,there is rise of male actors having a family background of acting from 19%(1960’s) to 45%(2000) while there is decrease in female actors having family background of acting from 59% to 32% because of rise of female modelling industry in late 80’s;but many male outside actors like Manoj Bajpai, Kay Kay Menon,Nawazuddin Siddiqui, has to struggle a lot due to absence of proper male modelling industry.Nepotism also exist in politics.In 1960 after the demise of PM Lal Bahadur Sashtri , it was believed that most probable candidate to become PM was Morarji Desai as he was more experienced person in terms of work over our Late PM Indira Gandhi.In 2017,it was the time for election for all india congress president ,Maharastra congress secretary Shehzad Poonawala spoke about Nepotism and also asked Rahul Gandhi to have a debate with him to see the visions of two different leaders regarding the nations. Vasundhara Raje scindia ,Abhishek singh (son of raman singh), uddhav Thackeray (son of Bal Thackeray ) are the examples of nepotism that do exist in politics while Mmta bannerjee , Our PM shri Narendra Modi, Atal Bihari Bajpayee who came  into politics by their own and rose to to fame.According to survey of New times , nepotism effects people of India by b29%, USA by 60% and Pakistan by 92%.Nepotism also exist in business and best example is Tata group of companies.All the chairman of TATA group of companies till 2016 ,but after the conflict of issue was held with Cyrus Mistry(last Persian CEO of TATA groups) Tata appointed N.chandrasekaran as CEO

who is first non persi CEO of TATA group.Companies like Microsoft ,apple donot follow nepotism culture which is actually good for growth of company.Not only in business ,Hollywood , Bollywood ,nepotism or favouritism also in education .If you see the reservation system it’s a kind of nepotism system as caste like OBC ,SC,ST are allowed seats in low marks in comparison to general category.Now don’t get me wrong that iam targeting OBC,SC,ST groups as I myself falls in the category of  OBC. Nepotism has existed  from the time when human life came into existence.Nepotism has played a big role in supressing the talents and encouraging the powerful people of different industry

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